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Meadowlark is currently home to two quality riding lesson programs, Kay Schlemmer's JKS Equine and Emily Jenkins' The Mindful Rider, under which Andrea Roraback is assistant instructor. 

Friends since childhood, Kay and Emily have owned and run Meadowlark Equine LLC together since 2014. Prior to starting the boarding business, however, each had taught riding lessons for many years. Their lesson programs are run separately, but they often collaborate to improve educational experiences for their students. Each trainer has their own personally owned string of well-trained school horses.

In 2021, Emily was happy to introduce long-time student Andrea Roraback into her program as her official assistant instructor! 

For more information on individual programs, please see below. For lesson inquiries, school horses, pricing, and scheduling, contact Kay, Emily, or Andrea directly for information on their individual programs. 

***Please note that all instructors are most easily reached via email, and may take some time to respond. They each have long and often challenging schedules, so please be respectful of their time. Drop-in visits are NOT permitted, as they can present a safety hazard for those riding. ***

Kay Schlemmer, of JKS Equine, teaches horseback riding lessons to all ages and skill levels. She specializes in dressage-based english lessons, but also teaches horsemanship, jumping, and trail riding. Her lessons are designed to teach confidence, balance, and partnership to both children and adults. 

Kay strives to give students a well rounded horseback education that involves learning both on and off the horse. Students will learn to brush, tack and handle their mount and will have the opportunity to learn horse medical triage, longeing, natural horsemanship, and other horse maintenance that is often not covered in tradition lessons. Kay believes that all forms of horseback riding are based on a solid foundation of time honored techniques and a passion for horses.

You may email Kay about lessons at:



Emily Jenkins, of The Mindful Rider, has been training and teaching for nearly 25 years. Her background and passion is French classical dressage, with focus on the horse and rider relationship. Emily's primary focus in lessons is the biomechanics of horse and rider, and she works carefully with students to find and correct areas of tension and resistance in their relationship with their horses, whether physical, mental or emotional. In recent years she has become increasingly interested in the ethics of riding, and various ways to develop a meaningful relationship between the prey-minded horse and predator-minded human. 

Her program is welcoming and all inclusive, and students learn to care for their mounts as if they were their own. Students interested in learning to train horses can specifically request lessons that encompass equine psychology and ground/saddle work with green horses. She works primarily with teens and adults, and a unique facet of her program focuses on adults who are returning to riding after some time away (life, kids, family, illness, work, etc.) Rekindling a passion such as riding should be rewarding for all involved! 

Lessons with Emily are available on her privately owned lesson horses or your own, and in either case she encourages her students to seek a deeper trust-based connection with their horses. For more information on Emily's teaching/training philosophies, please visit her website at:

You may email Emily about lessons at:

Additionally, in 2021, Emily was happy to introduce long-time student Andrea Roraback (Andi) into her program as her official assistant instructor! 


Andrea Roraback (Andi) has been riding for twenty years, and specifically French classical dressage for 15 years under the training of Emily Jenkins. She focuses on working with horses to build trust and find healthy movement in both their ridden and ground training.

Andrea specializes in working with beginner adults and older teens, whether returning to riding or never having been on a horse. Lessons with Andrea focus on building confidence and independence. She works with each of her students on abilities in the saddle, as well as ground skills such as in-hand, longeing, and basic horse care. By teaching each of these aspects of the horse's care and training, she is able to help her students gain the tools and confidence to become excellent equestrians.

You may email Andrea about lessons at:


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